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Additional Bonus Benefits: Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF) & Personalized Encrypted Passes

 Additional Bonus:

* Personalized Encrypted Passes (worth $119 a year) will be generated for you to join a specialized community support forum group. You will be given 3 years worth of Personalized Encrypted Pass with every book purchase (3 x $119 = $357 worth of Encrypted Pass). At the end of the 3 years, you can choose to renew annually and remain with the specialized support forum if you decide to. 

    * In the specialized support forum, you will be taught in advance one of the levels of the Funds Flow Analysis techniques which will be covered in Volume 2 of the Funds Flow Book Series. This funds flow technique is targeted at individual stocks level (i.e. the micros). This FFA technique is known as EQUITY DOMINANT MONEY FLOW (EDMF)

    * You will no longer need to spend $2000-$3000 just to learn basic courses. You will also no longer need to spend $3000-$5000 on opaque software just to track smart money flow of individual stocks, while not knowing how the opaque software nor the algorithm behind it even work (or not work). In essence, by spending just $79.90, you save several thousands of dollars from courses, software and knowledge support. You save $2000-$5000 from getting fanciful name software in which you do not even know of the algorithm behind it.

    * Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF) is used to track potential smart money flow on individual stocks. I will teach in detail the mechanism and techniques to determine if smart money are inflow or outflow from the stock (this is one technique level among the various other multiple technique levels that will be covered in the future Volume 2 of the Two-Volume Book Series on funds flow). 

    * The Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF) is a good grounding for future concepts that are covered in Volume 2 of the book series. Some of the even more powerful techniques are built on top of EDMF. You will realize that Volume 1 of the book series covers the more macroscopic funds flow while Volume 2 of the book series covers the more microscopic funds flow, connecting and boiling down from macro level all the way to individual stock level. More techniques on top of the Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF) will be taught in Volume 2 of the book series. All of these experience, frontier high end knowledge, and educational stuffs are worth several thousands of dollars at market price. Now you spend just $79.90 for value that is worth thousands of dollars. In essence, you no longer need to spend $2000-$5000 on expensive courses.

    * How useful is the Equity Dominant Money Flow Algorithm-Technique towards the approach of financial market analysis? Refer below to some examples on its prowess, practicality and usefulness: 


    • The above is the Equity Dominant Money Flow on AEM, a high tech smart-industry company that delivers many of the most successful products in the 5G economy including microprocessors, high speed communications, IOT devices, and solar cells. In essence, it is very sensitive to the ecosystem of smart phones, smart equipment and high-end technology products. Before the US-China Trade War (specifically Tech War) was even unleashed, tech-market sensitive stocks such as AEM were already experiencing secret but immense outflow in the Equity Dominant Money Flow (refer EDMF-Chart Above). While the stock price was hovering high, notice in detail how the Equity Dominant Money Flow was moving down and breaking down and even flipped into strong dominant money outflow -- all while prices were still remaining high. This was distribution in progress. AEM soon fell from $1.88 to 0.64 (-66%). Many semi-conductor stocks, chips stocks and hardware tech stocks worldwide suffered similar fate in mercifully laggard price-action response with respect to Equity Dominant Money Flow. This red flag was already picked up early when prices were high -- Equity Dominant Money Flow was going sharply outflow while prices were high. Equity Dominant Flow will be taught to you in conjunction to Volume 1 of the FFA Book.
    FirstReit EDMF
    • Let us take a look at another example -- First Reit. In the Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF) on First Reit, do you notice that there was a strong Dominant Money Outflow away from First Reit while prices went up and hovered above all the moving averages? While most people will be buying the uptrend as if the trend is your best friend, the Equity Dominant Money Flow on First Reit was already a massively strong money outflow in the market at the high prices of $1.40. Anything above $1.26 was already a glaring sell based on Equity Dominant Money Flow (EDMF).
    • The above shows what happened to First Reit 6 months after the immensely strong outflow in Equity Dominant Money Flow.

      • The above is the Equity Dominant Money Flow on Venture Corp. It is a high tech chips company that is involved in complex circuit boards and complex fiber optic and photonics equipment. Prices also moved significantly after money flow moved. However, what is most significant in the above is that the coding and charting software above was not done by me, but by a learner. Essentially, this was what I had always advocated to everyone -- to combine body of knowledge, skills and techniques learnt from me, digest it, re-build it by infusing with elements of your existing body of knowledge, skills and techniques, and develop your own expertise and specialty. 

      * What is most valuable is that the above tracking, programming and creation of charts was not done by me, but by one of the financial market graduate trainees whom I had taught before and imparted the skills to. Using funds flow approaches and Dominant Money Flow, he combined with his own existing skill set to program such a powerful tool based on concepts learnt. In essence, he had outdone me -- it is an example of how each and every one of you has every chance to combine funds flow skills with your existing knowledge and skill set, develop own unique specialty and outdo me. It is the most gratifying when the learner outdo the teacher. 

      * I will teach you how to collect big data of EDMF, calculate it and how you can start collecting your own collection of big data. You can collect your own data and have your own way to collect such data from any markets, and I will be here to give you my views and provide support for your own unique growth.

      * In addition, every day, while you are in the specialized forum support group, I will do the job of helping track the Equity Dominant Money Flow for Singapore Straits Times Index's 30 component stocks. This will be used as triangulation for the funds flow of S&P 500 and S&P 400 Mid caps.

      Lastly, on the Equity Dominant Money Flow again... on a major shipbuilder in Singapore... called Yangzijiang...

      • Applying Equity Dominant Money Flow, do you think we are in bear market? (Hint on application of knowledge: Shipbuilders will never have immense dominant money inflow if we are to have any bear market, and shipbuilders are excessively smart money inflow usually at mid stage cycles of large bull markets).