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What's In It For You & How You Will Benefit.

Funds Flow Analysis as the official 3rd Paradigm of Market Analyses

* Funds Flow Analysis (FFA) is a critically crucial piece of jigsaw that had been missing in most traders' and equity investors' puzzle. With the FFA, you will be getting the depth of the ice-berg, finally. Analyses and judgement will no longer be shallow. You will find your accuracy improve significantly.

* You will start to master the official 3rd Paradigm of Market Analysis -- the funds flow analysis, over a two-volume book series. Funds Flow Analysis is the official 3rd paradigm of Market Analysis, after Fundamental Analysis as the 1st Paradigm and Technical Analysis as the 2nd Paradigm, towards all market analyses.

* Volume 1 of FFA covers the macros, while Volume 2 (In Progress) covers the micros. Together, Volume 1 and Volume 2 covers the Full Funds Flow Analysis from the macros all the way down to the individual stocks level. This will form the full comprehensive series.

* Refer to the section on Additional Bonus Benefits: Equity Dominant Money Flow & Personalized Encrypted Passes. For those with Volume 1 of the Book Series, I will be teaching in advance one of the funds flow topic from Volume 2 of the Book Series (one of the multiple ways of tracking important funds flow at the individual stocks level). More information can be found here: 

* By now, you will have witnessed much of my track records over the many years of sharing of analyses, and witnessed how prices often do move after my analyses. Much of the analyses have basis stemming from market funds flow before fundamental analysis and technical analysis are applied. This ensures depth and accuracy. The track records of 85% hit rate and the time-stamped analyses had been tracked by tens of thousands of followers. You could achieve the same kind of results by picking up funds flow paradigm of knowledge, combining it with fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and achieve trading and investing results for yourself.

* The 3rd Market Paradigm of Funds Flow Analysis represents one of the most frontier Body of Knowledge, and is one of the most practical of concepts in Financial Markets. These are some of the best market insider skills and techniques around.

* Much of the Frontier Funds Flow Concepts and Models in the book had been re-conceptualized and re-organized into formal models for practical application, resulting in opportunities for triangulation. This will significantly help improve one's judgement of the market macros, and ultimately the micros (individual stocks). FFAs are in-depth knowledge relating to how hedge funds see the markets in terms of funds flow and its inter-market correlation, and how the most astute of hedge funds and financial institutions enter and exit the markets. 

* You will learn so much specialized professional knowledge, skills and techniques that you will also start to think, operate and act like a professional hedge fund -- You will become a successful funds manager of your own funds. 

* You now have the ability to combine all your existing market knowledge with the 3rd Paradigm-ed Body of Knowledge and Techniques to develop your own specialty. This is where you value-add yourself to a whole new level, and this expertise and skills level will be unique to yourself, and you can make new wealth from it. I will give an example of a learner who had value-added, upgraded his skills and developed his own specialty after learning from me, and he even surpassed me already in skills and techniques:

* When you pick up and apply the Super Root of all Funds Flow, your riding of major cycles will be highly accurate. The Super Root of all Funds Flow will have to be the key root node from now on forming the basis of all your macros and major cycle directions. When you have thoroughly digested this key topic, you will know what I mean and you will fully appreciate this aspect of funds flow key to the mystery lock of the market. You will have depth in your analyses since you will have triangulation from now on, and your analyses and judgement will no longer be just shallow and without depth. You will find yourself no longer affected by market noises nor smoked out by fake experts and the media, whose views may many times be wrong. You know your stuff and you finally know what you are doing. The Super Root of all Funds Flow is a very critical body of knowledge which no professionals will bother to teach you because you are supposed to be wrong most of the time.